4to1 Intensive Course


SLS Irelands 4 to 1 Intensive Course consists of 15 hours classes per week. Each class is made up of a maximum of 4 students, giving each student a more personalised learning experience. This programme caters to each student’s level of English, from Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1).

In addition to class students have a personalised cultural programme. Three afternoons per week the students are accompanied on cultural excursions/outings with their own class teacher. This provides a much more intensive and personal learning experience. Students have the opportunity to view many of Dublin’s famous sites and museums whilst enhancing their grasp of the English language.

The success of this programme lies in the ability for students to have a much more personalised learning experience with their teacher both in class and out of class. The addition of cultural activities with the class teacher allows students to develop their English language skills outside of the classroom under the guidance of the teacher.

Students on the 4 to 1 Intensive Course also partake in one cultural activity per week with the General Camp as well as one day of sports & activities. Every Saturday there is a full day excursion, usually outside of Dublin.

  • 15 Hours of General English Classes
  • 4 Afternoon Cultural Visits
  • 1 Afternoon Sports & Activities
  • 3 Evening Activities
  • 1 Full Day Excursion
Not included
  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Public Transport Tickets
  • Travel and medical insurance
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Dublin, Ireland

1 July – 3 August 2019

15 hours per week 09.30-11.00 and 11.30-13.00 daily; Monday to Friday

No. of Students
Maximum of 15 students per
class (average 10)

Age Group
12 – 18 Years

All levels from Beginner (CEFR A1)
to Advanced (CEFR C2)

Summary of Activities per week
2 Cultural Activities , 3 Afternoon Activities, 3 Evening Activities & 1 Full Day Excursion