Summer School – 1st Day

Travelling to another country can often be a daunting experience especially for young students who may be travelling without their parents for the first time. The first few days can be confusing and it takes most students a few days to become familiar with their surroundings. This section aims to help combat this by providing some information on what to expect during the first few days. It is important to remember that we are here to help and that if any student feels lost, worried or uncomfortable that they should inform a staff member.

Students normally arrive the Saturday or Sunday before their classes start. If airport transfers have been requested a member of SLS staff will be waiting in the arrivals hall of Dublin airport holding a sign with the SLS name or logo, agents name or logo or the students name. The SLS staff member will then accompany the arriving student(s) to either a private coach or car which will take them directly to the college or their host family. Students taken to the college will be met their by their host family. Travel time from Dublin airport to the school / family is approximately 30-45 minutes.

All students will receive a welcome pack which contains important information such as a Student ID card, host family details, emergency contact details, a public transport ticket (if purchased), school timetable and a map of the area.

The Host Family
On arrival in their “Irish home” students are introduced to the other members of the family, shown to their room and given time to settle in. The host family will show the students where to get the bus to the college. It is quite common to have another student of a different nationality in the family who may be familiar with the journey to the school. If this is not the case and a student is worried about their first journey they should say so to a SLS staff member or to their host family. It may be possible to arrange the student to travel with another student living in the area. If any student has any difficulties they should contact the emergency number.

Students should carry their student ID card at all times as it contains details of the host family’s name, address and telephone number as well as the SLS emergency contact number which may be needed. ID cards may also be required to access certain SLS facilities, such as private transport. If you ever get lost you should take out your ID card and ask someone for assistance.

Dinner time in Ireland is usually between 6 pm and 7 pm. However this can vary from family to family so it is important to check the time you should be back for dinner. If you are going to be late or do not intend returning for dinner any evening please let your host family know in advance.

Classes & Activities
Classes are on from 9:30 until 13:00 with a 30 minute break at 11:00. After class there is a 60 minute lunch break. After lunch, depending on the programme, there will be sports, activities or a cultural trip. Students must be ready at the designated time.

The first day in the college is somewhat different to the rest. Students are advised to arrive at 9:00 to allow for unforeseen delays as they may not be familiar with the bus timetable or the route. At 9:30 there will be a short introduction by the camp manager and principal. After there will be an assessment test. This is nothing to worry about, it is used to determine level of English so students can be placed in the appropriate class.

After the test students meet in the main hall again. Here a staff member will go through the college rules and some other important information. The students are then taken on a tour of the college. At the end of the tour students will be divided into their appropriate classes and attend the second morning class until lunch time.  After lunch students on the general course go on a familiarisation trip of Dublin while students on the specialised sports courses have training.

Please note that all students on English & Sports courses MUST bring their training equipment with them on the first day.

Students on the familiarisation tour will arrive back to the college by approximately 17:00. For further excursions to the city centre students do not return to the college but travel directly home to the host family.

Students on English & Sports courses will finish training at approximately 17:00 – 17:30.